Boating Classes Available to Public. USPS Members enjoy large discounts.

Advanced Grades:

The advanced grades are a series of seamanship and navigational courses. Completion of each course earns member a higher grade as students increase their knowledge and at the highest level (celestial navigation) earn a grade of Senior Navigator.

Seminar Description Schedule
Seamanship (Boat Handling): - Non-member cost: $37.50

Course Covers:

  • What to know before you go
  • Hull and Propulsion System Charecteristics
  • Slow Speed Maneuvering
  • Boat Handling at Sea
  • Rules of the Road
  • Anchoring / Mooring / Rafting
  • Emergencies on the Water
  • Marilinspike / Line Handling

Includes 16 - 18 class hours of instruction plus course materials

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Date and Time:
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